Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight
Personalized Crystal Paperweight

Personalized Crystal Paperweight

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Our BRICK series of crystals are the perfect gift to frame your favorite family moments, with their imposing size (several to choose from) and their wide format will easily encompass your ideal group photo and also work to display logos, events, titles and scenes with landscapes or of broad spectrum in general. You will be perplexed to see how your photos or messages will shine in this beautiful display piece.

Aiming for the highest quality standards, our crystals meet the highest demands in warranty, durability and commitment to aesthetics and functionality. Each piece is carefully manufactured to bring a smile to that special being to whom you will give it or to show in the most beautiful way your memories, achievements, moments and messages in an incredible, unique and impressive way.

If the photo you want to adapt has details, be it stains, breaks or missing details, we offer you the corresponding retouch, optimization and editing to achieve the best finish (as long as the deterioration of the photo is not irreparable). From adjusting sizes, colors, subjects and figures, we make sure that your photo adapts perfectly to each glass format and looks its best. And, unlike other similar brands, at Unike Love it has no extra cost.

We also offer previews prior to the manufacture of the piece (it may affect the estimated delivery time). Likewise, the client can request a 360º edition to fully enjoy the depth of 3D and truly obtain a wonderful detail to give away or for personal use (the 360º edition requires more editing time and probably also some extra material from the client for the appropriate matching of body dimensions and details from various angles.



Designer's Suggestion:

The brick shape is a perfect cut for:

- Family pictures.

- Horizontal longer pictures.

- Lying babies.

- Words.


Use for:

- Family pictures.

- Father’s Day.

- Mothers Day.

- Vacations Memories.

- Graduation.

- Pets.

- Christmas gift.


"This 3D Photo keepsake is available in an array of sizes and can come complete with an LED light base that will accentuate your personalized 3D picture design."


What we do:

- Color and contrast balance.

- Light control.

- Enhancement of sharpness.

- Figure position fixed.

- *Re-build Figure.

- *Pre-view model.

- 3D modeling.

- Point-Cloud creator.

- Laser crystal engraved.


Size Designed by Dimensions & Weight

Paperweight fits 1-10 persons 3" x 2 ¼" x 1" (1.31 Lbs. / 593 gram)


*The rendering on your finished 3D Laser Photo can be different from the examples shown throughout our website based on the original image that you provide. If you have any questions, please email us at


* Premium Customers:

- Pre-view.

- Multi photos composer.


What contains your package?

- 2D Optical crystal engraved.

- Gift Box / Traveling box.

- Certificate / 1 years warranty