Obelisk Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)
Obelisk Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)

Obelisk Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)

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Behold the epitome of elegance and achievement: a resplendent glass obelisk, gracefully poised atop a sumptuous walnut pedestal. Crafted to perfection, this award is an exquisite tribute to honor and celebrate milestones and accomplishments. Its pristine glass surface and the rich, inviting walnut base are both canvases for personalization through delicate engravings, allowing you to craft a truly bespoke symbol of recognition.

Available in two sizes (9" and 9"3/4), this striking glass obelisk transcends the ordinary, inviting you to elevate your moments of triumph with a touch of luxury. It's more than an award; it's a timeless testament to excellence.


Step into a realm of resplendent beauty with this magnificent obelisk-shaped award, where the union of glass and walnut craftsmanship gives birth to a masterpiece that defies convention. It beckons you to embark on a profound journey, one dedicated to honoring triumphs, celebrating milestones, and paying homage to the indomitable human spirit.

In your hands, you hold not just an award, but an emblem of distinction, reserved for those whose achievements demand nothing less than the extraordinary. Let this be your choice when you seek to bestow recognition that transcends the boundaries of tradition.

The synergy between the glass and walnut base creates an enchanting contrast, blending modern sophistication with the warmth and richness of natural wood. The walnut base, expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, lends an air of understated elegance, ensuring that the focus remains on the glass pinnacle.

Customization is paramount when commemorating personal triumphs, and this extraordinary award offers a realm of possibilities. Both the resplendent glass and the polished walnut base can be adorned with meticulously engraved inscriptions, allowing for a personalized touch that transforms this already remarkable piece into a truly bespoke masterpiece, a testament to the individual's unique journey.


Note: This Product is make by demand and will take a week to be manufacture..

We apply the right treatment to your photo to make it stand out on your Crystal.

Our designers will take care of your picture, improoving it to showcase the best result.

Color, Lighting and Contrast edit.
Sharpness enhancement.
Body figure fixing.
Picture re-builds if needed.
We'll do everything that we can to ensure the best finishing Item just for you. If you want to receive a preview before ordering just email or chat with us and we will provide it.

  • 3D Optical crystal engraved.
  • Gift Box / Traveling box.
  • Certificate / 10 Years Warranty
  • Upgrade to our Premium option: Add a light base, crystal keychain and crystal necklace

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Product was just beautiful. Customer Service was fantastic. Quick responses to any questions asked.

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The heart crystal is so beautiful. I bought it for my mom as a memorial for our late family dog. She loved it!!!

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They sent me a preview before ordering and it looked great but when I received it in the mail it looked AMAZING!!!! Awesome work and fast shipping!!!

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