What makes us Unike

We Specialize in Perfection

We are a team of professionals focused on crafting custom gifts. Our compromise and passion lead us to always bring the best quality on each craft directly to your door.

Through years of work, we've realized how "big companies" on the market cut quality to get more profit, delivering random designs, poor materials, or bad photo editions. Also not offering proper customer service so clients even cannot get in touch with a real person. On Unike Love, we do things differently.

We are a passionate designers team, we focus on your order to bring you the best service on each purchase, chat with us, get in touch. Make your questions before you shop so you can be sure that what you are getting is exactly what you desire.

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Our commitment is to create

Our team is constantly searching to harmonize and connect customers with their dreams. Inspired by nature and its complex design, our final result is connected with the client’s needs and all the trends in innovation, art, architecture, and design to match the elements in perfect harmony.

Our process of creations is supported by the most experimented handcrafters, technology, and materials. Taking care of every single detail to provide customized elements with high-end quality.


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Our Values

Unike Love focuses on People, Love, and Relationships. Those are the ingredients of everything that makes us humans.

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Our Goal

Our main goal is to make a jump of happiness whenever you open that box. Our goal is to make you feel, to bring memories to life. Doing it is what helps us become the main supplier of High-end Custom Items in the U.S. 


Email us at orders@unikelove.com for more information