Toten Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)
Toten Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)
Toten Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)

Toten Award made of Crystal with Walnut Base (Customizable)

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Introducing an exquisite symbol of distinction and accomplishment - behold the elegant award crafted with utmost care and finesse. Poised atop an alluring walnut base, a magnificent glass Toten Award gracefully adorns this masterpiece, forming a harmonious union of timeless beauty and undeniable excellence.

Designed to honor remarkable achievements and commemorate significant milestones, this award captures the essence of success with its captivating presence. The flawless glass surface, meticulously crafted to perfection, emanates a sense of clarity and brilliance that reflects the magnitude of the accomplishments it celebrates.

The synergy between the glass and walnut base creates an enchanting contrast, blending modern sophistication with the warmth and richness of natural wood. The walnut base, expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, lends an air of understated elegance, ensuring that the focus remains on the glass pinnacle.

Customization is paramount when commemorating personal triumphs, and this extraordinary award offers a realm of possibilities. Both the resplendent glass and the polished walnut base can be adorned with meticulously engraved inscriptions, allowing for a personalized touch that transforms this already remarkable piece into a truly bespoke masterpiece, a testament to the individual's unique journey.

Available in two sizes, this awe-inspiring glass rectangle ensures that every achievement, regardless of scale, is celebrated with the utmost care and reverence. Whether adorning the desk of a distinguished executive, gracing the shelves of a revered institution, or standing proudly in a display cabinet, this award epitomizes the pursuit of excellence and serves as a timeless symbol of unparalleled accomplishment.

Immerse yourself in the resplendent beauty of this award, where the marriage of glass and walnut creates a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. Embark on a journey of honoring triumphs, milestones, and the indomitable human spirit, as you bestow this distinguished recognition upon those who deserve nothing less than the extraordinary.

Note: This Product is make by demand and will take a week to be manufacture and ship to the desire address.

We apply the right treatment to your photo to make it stand out on your Crystal.

Our designers will take care of your picture, improoving it to showcase the best result. 

  • Color, Lighting and Contrast edit.
  • Sharpness enhancement.
  • Body figure fixing.
  • Picture re-builds if needed.

We'll do everything that we can to ensure the best finishing Item just for you. If you want to receive a preview before ordering just email or chat with us and we will provide it. 

With your package, you receive:

  • 3D Optical crystal engraved.
  • Gift Box / Traveling box.
  • Certificate / 10 Years Warranty