Characteristics that could compromise the quality of the image

1- Low resolution (lower resolutions than 340x340 mega pixels). It could generate lines or pixelation with the table’s display, loss of traits, textures and also it could create some skin spots.

2- Stroke shadows. The crystals are made in black and white colors and a stroke shadow could generate the sensation of holes in the picture. If they were returned or photoshopped, it could slightly modify traits of the person related to the bony features

3- The existence of objects considered visual junk. Objects over persons that generate distraction or hinder the image could be removed. If it is the case that they are over faces or large body segments, some variations might occur within natural characteristics of the person in the reconstructed area.

4- Background Lighting. If the excess lighting were upon the person, this could generate a whitening effect on the subject, affecting the final result.

5- The reproduction of the scenes being edited, it could generate mild alterations on the proportion in size of the individuals. They will build since a lot of images or incomplete images.