Certification and Unike Warranty

Uniquely Yours - Unike Love Certification





Look up the ID number on your Invoice, Certificate or Item. 


Unike Love guarantees the genuine customized Item, High Quality Materials and High-end final product. Designed by authorized artists. Unike Love guarantees the good branding of the piece you have selected in a period of 1-10 years from the date of purchase.



If you are not fully satisfied with the result of your order call our customer service specialist or bring the Item to our closes location. Our compromise is to serve you with the highest standards of the market.

Unike Love is not responsible for the quality of the image provided, grammatical, or spelling errors in the writing provided, or the quality of the engraving on Items provided by customers. If your order has an imperfection we will gladly work with you to find solutions.


Defected Product

If you received a defective product you have 21 days to exchange the product for a new one or get a full refund.

• Provide a valid receipt or proof of purchase.

• The product has to be returned on the original package.

• The product cannot be damaged by abusive use.

 • The product cannot be damaged by incorrect use


 Quality Issues (Customized Items)

If you received a product with quality issues limited to (Material quality, engraving quality, or design) please contact us and let us know. Our compromise is to deliver the best quality of the market and we will be able to remake your artwork if 

• Provide a valid receipt or proof of purchase.

• Provide pictures of the Artwork with Quality Issues. 

• Provide a brief explanation of the problem.  

 • Return the product to any of our locations or ship it to the indicated address by the customer service representative.

 Based on the consistency of the prof we will be able to provide you instructions and solutions.


Damaged Products

If your item suffers any damage, our warranty will cover it! We will re-make your product for a warranty Fee. The replacement will take up to 24 hours to be remade. The Fee will be calculated base on the product value. To opt for the guaranteed insurance you must have the following:

• Provide a valid receipt or proof of purchase.

•  Provide Pictures or the actual item to any of our locations.


Customer Service Contact Information

+1 (305) 999-5894