Black and White Pearls In Gold Chain By The Inch

Black and White Pearls In Gold Chain By The Inch

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Our Black and White Pearls In Gold Chain is high quality 18k gold plated chain. Priced by the inch, custom made in any length to be use as necklace, anklet, bracelet, purse strap, pet collar, belt, you name it!

  • Approximately 6mm wide
  • Free attached lobster claw clasp

The publisher price is the price of an inch. Please add as a product quantity the number of inches desired. 

Please order total number of inches (from end to end) including clasp. 

You can only order whole inches. We will give you an extra half inch for free if you'd like. Just tell us your wishes in the "ORDER NOTE" box in your CART.



To keep your chains looking their best:
Avoid exposure to : perfumes, colognes, excessive sweating, chlorine and other chemical products.
Chains should be kept dry.

We apply the right treatment to your photo to make it stand out on your Crystal.

Our designers will take care of your picture, improoving it to showcase the best result. 

  • Color, Lighting and Contrast edit.
  • Sharpness enhancement.
  • Body figure fixing.
  • Picture re-builds if needed.

We'll do everything that we can to ensure the best finishing Item just for you. If you want to receive a preview before ordering just email or chat with us and we will provide it. 

With your package, you receive:

  • 3D Optical crystal engraved.
  • Gift Box / Traveling box.
  • Certificate / 10 Years Warranty